Two years ago I've decided that the time has come. I wanted to fulfill my childhood dream- create a game. My weapon of choice was Unity, but C# wasn't as easy as I wished, so in my concept work I am using C# combined with Visual Scripting and Behavior Trees.

Bungling Burglars

Just a simple one-level prototype for casual game where you're playing as a poor guy who found out that stealing from others can be profitable. Main things worth mentioning: casual game / ragdoll physics / gamepad support / keyboard and mouse support.

More details? Sure. I planned to use something similar in gameplay to Human Fall Flat, but prettier. Ragdoll seems to work correctly, but have it's flaws. I am happy with final result. I planned to add some stuff that finally isn't completed, like level-up system with possibilitiy to improve skills, tasks for each level (i.e. earn score with stolen goods / steal Bonsai tree in Rice hat etc.).

Here you can see some gameplay I've prepared:

And there are some weird details. You can steal logo on main screen:

More details, like Costumes Shop or Gym, where you can improve your skills.

Game Prototypes - Bungling Burglars, Skills