CCGT Powerplant

Let's begin with something that I am most proud of when it comes to 3d modeling. CCGT powerplant I've made for Three.js project (unfortunately, project was put on hold, but I did it anyway in my free time). Most models were created by me, textured by my co-workers.

CCGT powerplant miniature

It's really detailed, so here you can see some close-ups for each interesting element.

Powerplant Gantry
Powerplant Gas Turbine
Powerplant Gearbox
Powerplant Generator
Powerplant HRSG
Powerplant Low-Pressure Turbine
Powerplant Oil System
Powerplant Pipecage
Powerplant Pipes Tower

Other 3d models

Except CCGT powerplant, I've made countless amounts of 3d assets, mostly turbines, shafts, couplings and factory motors.